Working Mummy Trying to Balance Life

Hi mummies, 

I feel silly writing this as I only have one child who is 10 months old but I am struggling to find the time to balance work, being a mum, wife and someone who has some time for self care. 

Especially with this whole corona pandemic going on I feel like what’s the point in getting dressed, which is definitely not helping on the self care front. 

My daily routine is something like this:

Wake up – give baby milk… play with baby…give breakfast baby naps

whilst she naps: unload the dishwasher, make a coffee, breakfast give the living room and kitchen a quick tidy. by the time that’s done baby wakes up! 

Play with baby…give baby milk…baby naps….

whilst baby naps: work 

baby wakes…. play with baby give dinner and milk bed time. 

evening time when baby is down for the night: have dinner, clean kitchen, continue work, go to bed. 

Sorry for the boring run down but that’s typically my day, with the odd laundy wash in between there too. I just don’t have any time for myself? I see all these people on social media with bags of free time because they have to stay home but I stay home every single day but do not have 30 minutes to my self unless someone is here to help (which never is because my husband works all day) 

Mummies of 2…3 or more children how do you manage your time, what’s your routine? I would love to know how I can improve for my own sanity. 

One thought on “Working Mummy Trying to Balance Life

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know the feeling having kids basically means no self time but there are ways. Maybe wake up earlier than baby does get dresssed do your chores and have breakfasst then so by the time baby naps you can get work done or just.make that time for you whatever you like to do. It will get easier as baby gets older 10months is a hard stage as have to have all attention on baby, but my kids are older now and in the day we are having a film just after lunch (with popcorn) they wil sit and watch a whole film while I get all my housework done and then there in bed for 7 half 7 and thats my time to have a shower and just chill out (most of the time with gin ). Do what you have to for a bit of self care.

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