First Girls Night Out Since Baby!

Hi Mum’s

So last weekend was probably my first proper girls night out having a couple of drinks since my baby was born. My baby girl is almost 1 and I only just now feel comfortable to go out. 

I very rarely drink alcohol, mainly just the odd couple on a special occassion and it’s been about two years since I got drunk. My hangovers are horrific and I would need to spend the whole day in bed, which is pretty much impossible when you are practically a single mum with no family around to help! 

It felt so nice to get dressed up, do my hair, make up and put on a nice dress however, every time i caught my reflection whilst out I kept thinking how old I look now! Having kids really does make you look haggered lol or perhaps its just from the lack of sleep who knows?

I made it my mission to not talk about my baby girl on this night out as I just wanted to take some me time for once where I wasn’t just a mum. Some of the other mum’s couldnt help themselves talking about their kids though, we should have made it a drinking game, a shot for every time you talked about your kid!  

Anyway, even though I didn’t get drunk and was home by 1am, I still had a really nice time. It’s really important to make time for self care and for socialising with your friends or you really will just go insane. 

How do you mum’s unwind do you enjoy going out with friends on a night out? Any tips to hide the eye bags?

One thought on “First Girls Night Out Since Baby!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go you, you definitely deserve to do this! self care is everything and it looks different to everyone. Your selfcare could be this or it could be reading a book in the bath, finding the time to shave your legs! etc… as long as we take the time to look after ourselves and nourish our souls then we will be able to nurture our children to the best of our capabilities. You can’t pour from any empty cup

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