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Hi Mummies

I have two kids aged 2 and 4, my 4 year old goes to nursery but finished on march 15th due to the pandemic. Four months his nursery was closed for and not once did my children get ill when he was off school. He has now been back in nursery for 2 weeks and is already ill he has started coughing and sneezing non stop for the last 2 days and this morning my 2 year old has woken up exactly the same. I dont know if to take him back out as its such a scary time for them to be getting ill. My little boy seems to pick everything up so easily im just not sure if i should take him back out and wait for a little bit but will it be 100% safe to ever send them back? He also starts school this September so ı will have to send him then anyway.

What are all you mummies doing about your childrens schools? 

2 thoughts on “Back to normal

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know its really tough kids getting ill at school but I think it would be more disruptive for the child to be taken out of school and back in again. It’s just part of life until they can build up a stronger immune system

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