Beautiful handmade jewellery, personalised gifts and children’s toys crafted with love

From our family to yours

As a family run business, It’s Handmade offers a large array of personalised products for parents and children. From our signature Mummy and Me hand engraved bracelets to lovingly stitched teddies, everything we make is full of love!

We’re based in the UK and we plan to stay here. We won’t ever ship our manufacturing out to someone else – we’re passionate about what we do and believe in the beauty of handmade. Our business is all about crafting charming keepsakes that we can share from our family to yours, and that’s the way It’s Handmade will always be.

Our little company is based in Surrey, UK, but we provide fast shipping all over the world! This is just one of the ways we try to keep our customers happy when shopping with us. We’re also committed to offering friendly and helpful customer service – if you’ve got a question, just ask! We’re always happy to help. Our business was built up from very little and managed to grow mainly through our customer recommendations, so we really value each and every one of you. You make our business a business!

Our mission here at It’s Handmade is to set a high-standard in the retail and commerce world, hoping that others will follow.

We want to show that a business can truly put the customer first and still be a success. We aim to always provide impeccable customer service, products of undeniable quality and build a great relationship with everyone who shops with us.

As a business, we’re committed to staying true to our values even as we grow and expand. We believe that this is what makes It’s Handmade a unique and beautiful company and we never want that to change. From the quality materials we source to treating our employees like part of the family, we promise to never forget what makes us us.

We like to keep things real at It’s Handmade. We’re very open with our customers about who we are and we do; there’s just no time for anything other than transparency when you’re as busy as we are! We’re also very mindful in how we operate, considering everything from how our customers’ feel when shopping with us to running a completely ethical brand.

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