Being Pregnant in a Pandemic

I am due in October and fell pregnant not long after the news broke about coronavirus. I wanted this baby for so long and had been trying for about three years, so when it did happen I wanted to feel excitement and pure joy. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, of course I was happy and felt so grateful I could finally fall pregnant, but I was so worried what this pandemic would mean for me and my unborn child. 

I haven’t been together with my boyfriend for very long, the pressures of trying to conceive with my previous partner got the better of us and we split. I wasn’t very careful with protection with my new partner because part of me thought I couldn’t get pregnant anyway and the other part of me thought I would be made up to be pregnant… 

Luckily my boyfriend is over the moon as we are both 30 years old without kids so we felt that the clock was ticking for us. 

My experience being pregnant during this pandemic has been very lonely, I wasn’t able to see my mum and my sister who are my rocks and I couldn’t even see my boyfriend because we wasn’t living together. 

I have suffered severe sickness throughout my pregnancy so I spent many days just crying at home feeling awful and alone. 

The fact I had to have my scans at the hospital was very heartbreaking too as I had waited so long for this moment and I had to experience it alone. My boyfriend is only allowed to see the baby once it’s born and then has to leave straight away! Even talking about this is giving me pure anxiety, as if giving birth isn’t daunting enough.

I don’t want to sound like I am wallowing in self pity but it really has been hard for me but all I wish for is a healthy baby at the end of all this and that this Corona goes away!!! 

I would love to hear other mum’s stories who have been pregnant during this pandemic. How was the birth? Was you allowed your partner in the room and at your hospital checks?

4 thoughts on “Being Pregnant in a Pandemic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi i havent been pregnant during a pandemic so I can’t share my experience but i do have a few friends who are. It has been a very lonely experience for them but I fear more for the lack of support once baby arrives as you really do need to take all the help you can get. I didn’t have any family around me when I had my first baby so had to deal with everything alone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Me and my best friend both had our babies in July, we live 30mins away from each other so different hospitals and both had very different births. Her husband was able to be with her for the whole of it and could stay after while i had to go in on my own and went into labour alone (not due to the nurses or rules, just with it being 1am on a Sunday and being high risk) my husband was able to be there for the birth and stay while the baby had the inital checks and i could shower and eat but then he had to leave while we waited for hearing checks and the full checks then we could go home

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think every hospital seems to do things really differently when it comes to allowing birthing partners in the room during and after labour. my best friend has just given birth (her baby was 5 weeks early) weighing 4lbs 14oz. It took them 16 hours before they decided to monitor the babies heartbeat after she complained the baby wasn’t moving after her waters had broke… her partner was only allowed at certain times but again this could be because the baby was in the neo natal unit too…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Before this pandemic began I really wanted to try for a baby, then once corona hit the world I decided it’s probably best to put that on hold. However, we’re almost a year on and STILL in this pandemic, should we really put life on hold? I dont want to be wishing my life away because of this pandemic!!!

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