Introducing my son to my new partner.

Im sooooo nervous about my partner meeting my son but I think its time and what we need. I have a 5 year old son and have been with my partner for nearly 7 months now. We dated for about 6 weeks before I told him I actually had  soon and im not going to lie I was freaking out thinking he would back off but no he was understanding and told me he cant wait to meet him which melted my heart. I have been putting it off just because I dont want my son to be introduced to anyone unless they are going to stay in his life its not fair on him. How long did any of you mummies leave it before introducing your new partners to your children?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ah this is so hard but only you will know when the time is right, theres no definite time stamp that’s right. you could wait years and the guy could still do one, it’s the same with people who have babies or getting married sooner rather than later, they sometimes work out better than those who wait.
    Just go off your gut, if you feel you can trust this guy enough with your heart then it is time for him to meet your son. just take everything slowly and read all the signals your son gives xxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    100% this is when it feels right to you and only you! There is no time limit really, if your planning a future together and becoming a family then maybe thats the perfect time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My son is now 30! But me and his dad split when he was 3 years old on very bad terms due to abusive behaviour towards us both. I met my now husband when my son was 5. And after 6months of being together we decided to make a go of it properly so I indroduced him to my son and he moved in with us. On my sons 7th birthday he wrote a card to my partner and asked if he could call him daddy because he loves him just like a daddy. My partner treated him like his own,even disiplined him and my son loved this because thata all he wanted. We then had a little girl when my (our ) son was 10. Now our daughter is 20 and our son is 30 and we are still happily married.

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