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I have an 18month old little girl and have just started working online doing a cold calling job and its pretty intense! I am doing 25hours a week and feel mum guilt badly as she is with inlaws for 3 days but other 2 days I just have her around but I feel so guilty having to do this but I have to work. What do other mummies do about situations like this ? 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, please do not feel guilty. You are doing what’s best for your children, you are providing. I too am I working mum and i feel more guilty having my child around whilst I’m working. I don’t want my child to think I am always stuck behind a computer screen and not spending time with them. I feel like you can’t do both, work and be a mum unless your child is taken care of. You need to give your 100% focus to either your child or your work as its not fair to split your focus between the two at the same time.
    Your child will be happy with your in laws as they will be getting their full attention, which is more than what you will be able to give when you are working.
    dont have mum guilt for this, you are providing for your children xx

    • Anonymous says:

      That is true, thank you I just needed that little reminder why Im working in the first place and that is to make money for my little family.

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