Need some advice from other mummies, I have always suffered with spots since I turned a teenager and was put on all different pills to try and stop them but none of them worked actually made them worse. My doctor said my body doesnt agree with extra hormones. Well now I have three children and feel content with three I no longer want anymore children and not sure what conteaceptive to use. I have been on the copper coil before and my body just rejected it TWICE! And also tried the implant but had constant headaches. Im thinking of trying the mirena coil but worried this will set my spots of again. What do most of you mums do ?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had the mirena coil, it took about 6 months to settle my periods but once they did WOW it was amazing! They were SO light i didn’t even need a pad! It’s a hard one as there are SO many triggers to acne, your age, your diet, your hormone levels right now at the time. I would give it a try as you are older now and your situation may be different just like your body is.

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