35 and want a baby!

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Hi everyone im not actually a mum yet or even pregnant!I have been in and out relationships for years but nothing serious has ever come and I just want to settle down and have a baby. Being a mum has always been my dream I pictured myself at 25 married with two kids and now im 35 and single! A lot of people may judge me for this but I have been having one night stands(quite a lot) because I just want a baby , I know this isnt going about it the right way but im getting desperate now the clock is ticking for me! I just feel so alone and like I cant talk to my friends about this as they think im in the wrong just trying to get pregnant but why is it in the wrong do i not deserve a chance to be a mum????? 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh hun, this is really sad but 35 is not old and you still have time! Please don’t be having one night stands just to get pregnant! it’s SO risky for your sexual health!!!!! There are other routes to go down, get a sperm donor, IVF etc… this is not the right way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Theres are a lot more options out there that are safer and better than sleeping around. My friend who is 40 was in the same situation and got a sperm donor she now has a 6month old baby boy and is the happiest she has ever been and thats without a man in her life. Please look into this I feel for you I really do but everything will turn out fine if you choose the right path.

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