Why I let my children watch TV

Okay so this is another touchy subject i think, and not every mum will agree that letting your children watch TV is a good idea. I will admit the TV does have it’s pros and cons but I want to share my story about why I let my child watch TV.

TV helps them learn 

Believe it or not, thanks to Charlie and the numbers my 2 year old knows all of his numbers and the letters of the alphabet! I’m not saying I didn’t play a part in teaching my little one these all of this too, or that I don’t contribute to my children’s learning. But the TV has definitely helped!

It increases their imagination!

My little boy runs around the house roaring like a dinosaur or flying around yelling “zooooom i will catch you!” I believe that the TV has helped my little ones to understand fun and games at an earlier age and their imagination makes them so much more fun at a young age!

It gives me a chance to get things done! 

Yes you may think im a lazy mum but sometimes things need to be done around the house when my toddlers are tripping under my feet!

I’m tired of feeling ashamed to admit i allow my children to watch TV when there are also so many benefits to it 🙂 I truly think everything in moderation is key!

4 thoughts on “Why I let my children watch TV

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmm each to their own i guess, just do your way. I personally do not allow my children to watch tv as i feel like it overstimulates them and just make them crazy hyper, especially at nap and bedtimes. The only time i allow screen time really is when travelling on a plane and because they are not used to having it, it really does keep them quiet the whole time! I’m really big on education through play i think it’s SO important for a child’s development 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everything in moderation is generally OK and TV is one of those i think. as long as your child isnt spending hours on hours watching TV then it’s not the end of the world, like you said, they can be education tv shows too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I also believe it can be educational and i love chill out time and sitting with my kids watching a film all together, i let me kids watch the tv when they first wake up and waiting for breakfast and I also allow them to watch the tv for a little in the evening. I believe everything is ok in moderation.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to let my kids watch the tv, but not any more. It would give them nightmares, and they would play really violently. They would sit for ages just staring and not moving, then wouldnt go to bed. They havent watched the tv in 2 years, it can be hard as i dont get much done, but i did feel that i was being lazy by plonking it on for them. I love to see them playing now.

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