I’ve lost friends because of my child’s behaviour!

Hi guys, 

I thought I would quickly share my story and see if there are any mums out there who can relate or help with my situation! 

I’m 29, and a single mum with a little girl who is 6 years old. To say she is a handful is an understatement, she is wild and very difficult to discipline and keep calm. It makes me dread going to children’s parties with her because I know all the mum’s talk about her and my parenting skills, gossiping with eachother, “why can’t she control her child” “why isn’t she giving her a good slap” 

Truth be told, I honestly don’t know how to handle her or how to control her. I wish I could, I wish I was the mum who had all of her shit together with a child who would listen but It just doesn’t happen for me and I have lost friends because of it. My friends who all have children don’t want to see us anymore because they don’t want her behaviour to rub off on their own children which is heartbreaking. 

I have tried disciplining her but she just hits her head off the wall, spits and bites me if I even raise my voice. I don’t know what to do, please help!!

2 thoughts on “I’ve lost friends because of my child’s behaviour!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is really sad and yes its not fair on you, but i can also see the side of the mum’s too, they just want to protect their children. I get they probably want to avoid the wild playdates with you and your child but they shouldnt abandon you completely, they should support you and still offer to be friends and do things without the kids when you can.
    In terms of disciplining im not sure what to advise just yet as my little one is only 5 months so she isn’t old enough to be giving me a hard time just yet!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is really a hard one, how long has she been like this for ? Maybe it could just be a phrase and something she may get out of soon. Maybe just confiscate one of her favourite things and see if that worked, this really worked for my son. She may throw tantrum and not be happy with this but dont give in, take it away and let her know she can have it back the next day if she behaves and if she doesnt she cant have it back. What discipline do you givr her at the moment ?

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