Living a life of Groundhog Day with a Baby

Without sounding ungrateful to have birthed a child, I am really struggling with every day life at the moment. 

I feel like i spend my days rocking my baby to sleep, feeding him, put him in the play gym, in his chair by the tv and repeat. It’s the same thing day in day out when I am stuck in the house. 

I crave to get outdoors because I feel like my mind is going to have a meltdown doing those same things every 2 hours. I’ve never lived my life by rigid routine, i’ve always been quite spirited so this regimented life at the moment is sending me a little crazy!

What do you mom’s do to get out of the house to keep yourself sane??!

3 thoughts on “Living a life of Groundhog Day with a Baby

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG yes i remember this, its the bit before they start to crawl or walk! I remember just moving the baby from rocker, to play matt, to moses basket….and feeding inbetween. Now i find the school run and cleaning the house more groundhog day….its never ending. Sometimes i feel like crying because i’m just going around in circles, if i sit down for more than 5 minutes the house gets turned upside down and i have to start again, im a stay at home mum…i’d never want this for one of my kids

  2. Anonymous says:

    yes it does feel that way at times especially when they are little! then as toddlers you are pulling your hair out wondering what you can do wtih them to keep them entertained and what to do out of the house.
    you will miss all of this madness and chaos though when they grow up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know this is hard now but it does get easier, a big thing that helped me was just 20mins self care a day. I would do a workout or do my eyebrows and paint my nails , take a long bath or read a book befote bed. I think when we have babies we loose a bit of ourselves and we really find that hard to accept so maybe just try a bit of self care see if this helps.

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