The Wild Rollercoaster Called Pregnancy

Pregnant woman sitting crossed legged in a field, looking up to the sun

My journey in pregnancy so far has definitely been a rollercoaster ride for sure and I am only 24 weeks pregnant so I know I still have a lot more to come…

I’m usually a very positive person, when people are feeling down I do my best to lift them up and explain the good in situations and people. However, during my pregnancy I have really not felt like myself, I’ve been thinking the worst of each situation, just feeling paranoid about friends and people around me. I waited so long to be pregnant and now it’s here it isn’t what you may believe it to be like how it’s portrayed on Instagram.

“Do you have any cravings” I would get asked, “No, I just want to eat carbs all the time really.” I’d reply. Their response, “Oh really, I craved ice-cubes and fruit” Great, good for you, I wish I craved blocks of frozen water and fresh fruit that wouldn’t go straight to the hips and thighs but unfortunately I didn’t!

Throughout my life I’ve always battled hard with my weight, when I would be slim it’s because I worked damn hard for it. But now I’m pregnant I wanted to let all of that go and just focus on the miracle of growing life.

I felt pretty lonely during the first half of my pregnancy, all the activities I used to do such as Yoga, gym and little retreats had suddenly stopped. Some friends suddenly became busy for about 6 months and I just started to feel like I had been pushed into the “boring mummy zone who wont be able to do fun things anymore”

However, here’s the part why it really is like a rollercoaster… the highs…the SHOPPING!!! Finding cute little outfits and babygrows for my little girl really helped me to connect with her and imagine her in these little outfits. From around 14-15 weeks I really began to connect with my baby girl through my mind, body and soul, feeling her butterfly kicks and seeing her face clearly on a 4d scan.

I soon became one of those people who just couldn’t stop gushing about pregnancy and the beauty of it – i was getting my old self back again!

Although pregnancy has had its hard times, the heartburn, the weight gain, the comments, the drifting apart from friends – it really is worth it.

The lows are nothing compared to the highs and the excitement of what lies ahead. Bring on the swelling and the too fat to walk waddle – i’m ready for ya!

2 thoughts on “The Wild Rollercoaster Called Pregnancy

  1. Anonymous says:

    From the day I found out I was pregnant I felt like a totally different person. I had to grow up and get my shit together as it wasn’t just going to be me anymore. For me pregnancy was a massive roller coaster just like yours i would have great days but also would have the worst days feeling the lowest of low. But some people use pregnancy as and excuse to be rude and horrible and I dont believe this, yes you change and have mood swings but you still know exactly what you are doing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel completely the same. I am worried about my self confidence, I was never very comfortable in my own skin before I fell pregnant but now looking back I wish I had just appreciated my pre baby body. I just want to be able to enjoy my new baby when she gets here without the stress of loosing weight hanging over me but I feel like the size I am is a constant topic of conversation.

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