15 and pregnant with TWINS

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This may not be like most of your other blogs on here as most of you are already mummies but I am really seeking advice at the moment as I am 15 and pregnant with twins, yes that’s right TWINS!

I will be 16 before the twins will be born. I know I am a young mum (and single) but this doesn’t give anyone the right to judge me, I get looks everywhere I go more like snarls than looks to be honest…

No one knows my story to judge! Ok, I may be young but this doesn’t instantly make me a bad mum. When i was 6 years old I got put up for adoption and my sister who was 18 months younger than me got separated from me, i was passed from home to home for 3 years until my nan adopted both me and my sister!

My mum was an alcoholic and when I was 6 years old and I found my dad dead from him taking an overdose. Having a really rough childhood has made me determined to be the best mum i can!

My children will have all the love in the world I just wish people would give me a chance and believe I can do this instead of judging me before even being a mum. How would you mums react if you walked past and seen a 15 year old pregnant girl, would you give the snarl or would you believe in them? Please think about this next time you walk past a young mum, these feelings HURT!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well the first thing I want to say to you is thats amazing bringing twins up by yourself at such a young age. I know its hard but sometimes you just have to block everyone else out and a few years down the line when your children our older everyone will realize just how much of an amazing job you have done. I was 21 when I had my first born and I still got a lot of grief then to so i dont really think it matters how old you are people will always judge in some sort of way.

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