Let’s Talk about Baby Gender!

Unfortunately, it seems gender disappointment is a real thing! Mummies out there really do grieve for the daughter or son they never had when trying fora baby and having multiples of the same gender. I have so much respect for those dealing with this and the emotions they are facing and I will always have time for those who come to me with their sadness on this. However, my thoughts have recently evolved during my journey to motherhood.

From talking to other mummies I was surrounded by thoughts such as “boys love football, it’ll be so nice for the father and son to have that bond ” or “girls, you get to have so much fun dressing them up and doing their hair” and “everyone’s ideal picture is to have one of each though”.

Gender labelling was EVERYWHERE! I had to unlearn this and see for myself how society has some serious fundamental issues when it comes to how we think about gender,

I am currently pregnant with my first child, a little girl, and I know during the course of my future pregnancies if my next will be another girl, I will be met with “oh wow, another girl”, “will you keep trying for a boy?” It’s sad that these kind of words diminish the healthy and perfect children you already have. Just because they are all of the same gender does not mean they are disappointments!

Once my little girl is born I will not define her or my future children by their gender, I will love them as the beautiful soulful and adventurous children that they will be – regardless!

Our children’s gender does not determine what they are interested in, how close they will be to their mothers, siblings, grandparents, whether they will be rough, tough or dirty, or if they will be a “daddy’s girl” or a “mummy’s boy”

We really need to stop reinforcing gender stereotypes and liberate ourselves from the stigma that surrounds what we might be missing out on if we do not have a child of the opposite sex.

Stop focusing on whether your child is a boy or a girl and just embrace their character, what kind of person they are, their heart and how they love themselves and those around them. My only desire right now and in the future is to have healthy children regardless of their gender.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Baby Gender!

  1. Anonymous says:

    what a lovely post i couldnt have put it better myself. i have 3 girls, 18 months and 12 months apart and the amount of times people would say “oh you will get your boy” “will you keep trying for a boy?” “is your husband sad he hasnt got his son?”
    it really upsets me that people would see my children as a disappointment – each and everyone of my children have their very own distinct personalities – just because they’re the same gender it does NOT mean they are the same!! Far from it actually!
    Sheela is a little madam, and will always stick up for herself. Annie, the shyest little girl you will ever see but will give her everything to make another child happy. And then there’s Aria, my little “tom boy” loves to roll in the mud, dress up as fireman sam! I don’t see how gender would have effected any of their personalities!
    Thank you for this post, it was so nice to read something i could really relate to

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have two kids close in age a boy and a girl but when i was pregnant with my second child (girl) we didn’t find out what we was having and all we got from everyone is awww i really hope its a girl for you or if its another boy will you have more to try and get a girl? Why are people like this i dont know i mean i can understand everyone would love one of each but its your child at the end of the day the gender doesn’t come into the love you feel for them. I actually feel sorry for the people who keep trying to get there ” girl or boy” as having a baby is a lot more than just the gender!

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