SO DONE with having any more kids…


Hi mummies, 

I have 4 children all very close in age, i had two under 2! and the others with a couple of years between them.

First baby was planned, second was too but happened a LOT quicker than we thought it would. It took me almost two years to concieve baby #1 so I thought we would start trying once my first child turned 8 months thinking it could take at least a year or so…well it happened on the first month LOL. Then we thought after a few years we’d give it one last try and have baby #3. Sorry baby #4 you wasn’t planned at all and it was really touch and go whether we could go through with this pregnancy. 

The reason we went through pregnancy #4 was because i was quite far along when I realised I was pregnant, 4 months! I’ve always had irregular periods and I had no symptoms at all, not even a little bump, NOTHING. So yeah, we we’re kinda left with no other option in my mind really. 

Anyway, now that my backstory has been explained by endless waffle, I’m gonna get straight into the point of this post…

So my husband and I are totally done with having anymore kids, it’s just not physically, mentally or financially possible. We both agree enough is enough and can’t wait for us to get our lives back a little so we can feel like ourselves a bit more. 

Great, so we’re on the same page… ALMOST… so how do we stop this from happening again? The Pill just is too much of a faff for me and with 4 kids to run around after, taking a pill the same time EVERYDAY just isn’t practical. The coil/iud just doesn’t react with me very well, my body has expelled both the hormone mirena and copper coil, with the latter giving me extremely painful periods. 

Injections, and the implant are a no go, too many hormones and make me so miserable, plus i suffer with severe acne on these kind of things… 

So, I thought after doing all the hard work growing and birthing these 4 kids, why not have my husband have the snip?

Well…he’s having absolute NONE OF IT. As soon as I even say the word he stops me in my tracks with a firm NO. It’s not even a big deal, it’s actually reversible for men too. 

Ladies, has your husbands or partners had the snip?

2 thoughts on “SO DONE with having any more kids…

  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband is exactly the same, he will not have the snip. I think they think it makes them less than a man or something, or maybe they’re so scared of their sexual organs being touched in anyway that it could deminish their pleasure HAHAHA
    My father had the snip when my mum and dad knew they were done so it really isn’t a big deal.
    What about having your tubes tied? Is this something you have considered, i think it can be reversible too if you ever did change your mind one day

  2. Anonymous says:

    also, never say never. I know you feel like you have more than enough kids now but you never know what the future holds! You could win the lottery, meet someone who has never had children, have a dream big house, suddenly become broody. Anything is possible 🙂

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