Sex After Babies

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Right I’m just going to jump right into it today. I know this subject might make people blush including myself but it needs to be spoken about more as it is such an important part of a marriage or a relationship.

I was 4 weeks postpartum when i felt ready to have sex again.I was not comfortable taking my bra off at this point as all you mama`s will know milk can spurt out of your boobs at any time especially during intimacy. One boob was always bigger than the other which made me feel so self conscious , my husband always says these things aren’t an issue for him but i can’t help how i feel,also as i had a c-section my big red scar and belly hanging over was definitely not making me feel sexy.

When are you supposed to have sex!?

Between feeding,changing and entertaining a child, trying to feed myself , keep on top of the housework and trying to have dinner with my husband at least once a week! This seemed impossible in the first few months as soon as i sat down of an evening to watch the tv my head would start the “nodding dog act” and i would be asleep before the film even started.

My Solution

I found that doing things for me showering every day, buying pretty pyjamas, going for sanity walks, asking someone to have the baby once a week helped so much, I started to feel like me again because you were someone before you were a mum and you need to remember that. Remembering who you were before you were a mum also helps with your marriage or relationship so make sure you do things for yourself if you like a glass a wine, MAKE sure you have a glass wine at least once a week. Six months postpartum I found our sex life was back to normal, sex in the afternoon while the baby naps, sex in the kitchen? Why not?

The key to this is to make sure you find the time for each other ALWAYS! Whenever you get the chance make each other sparkle whether that’s a quicky in the morning before hubby goes to work, skipping the housework for an hour while baby naps.

My Advice is to make sex a priority, physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship and should be given some effort,even if there are nights that feel exactly like that, just a lot of effort. Just give in and let yourself enjoy it. You won’t be sorry… neither will your partner.

I would love to hear how other mummies balance their sex life with kids.

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2 thoughts on “Sex After Babies

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi There
    I am a mother of a 2 year old and a 3 month old and our sex life is completey down the drain! I feel so bad for my partner as i can never get in the mood since my 3 month old was born, i mean even after my two year old it was never back to normal but now its non existing. I fall asleep by 8 oclock at night as i am so exhausted and he is in work at 7 in the morning so we never have the time. I need some advice to get the in mood, i am actually debating on seeing a doctor over this , this is how bad our sex life is. PLEASE GIVE TIPS

  2. Anonymous says:

    I personally think it is completly normal for this to happen after babies! Before kids you are both independent people with alot of spare time but that all changes when you have children, u cant just do it when your both at home as kids may be there and at that age where they sort of know whats going on. Sex life will never be the same after kids but you can always still make it special. I beleive it is all about effort and making time for each other. Plan a late night meal for the two of you at home when the kids have gone to bed play a few board games or listen to music have a dance,do whatever you both enjoy to get in the mood. Making each other a priorty is the most important thing in a relationship.

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