The Baby Blues

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When going through this I was so shocked to find out that a shocking 70% of women experience the baby blues within the first couple of weeks of giving birth!!!

For me, I know the raging hormones did not help but it happened around the time when my milk started coming through, approx 5 days after giving birth. I found that I was constantly crying for no reason, feeling tired, irritable and extremely anxious.

Having a baby and becoming a mother for the first time felt like such a huge deal for me, I just felt so overwhelmed how this tiny human was entirely dependent on me for absolutely EVERYTHING. The feelings of despair, fear and self doubt engulfed me and I felt like I just couldn’t tell anyone without them judging me or thinking I was a bad mum – telling someone about it felt like I was admitting to being a failure.

Normally I wear my heart on my sleeve and would happily open up about my feelings to friends and family, but I just couldn’t face how badly my first few days of motherhood were panning out – i was devastated.  Eventually, I broke down to my husband and explained my feelings of feeling numb towards to my baby and of dread whenever he would cry. I’m very lucky that my husband is compassionate and understanding, he really was my rock during this difficult time waiting for my diagnosis of postnatal anxiety and depression.

I can now say I’m on the road to recovery and my baby and I have a beautiful relationship going on. Just know that just because you are suffering with the baby blues, this does not define you as a mother and does not mean you are not doing the best you can. Get help, speak up and know that you are not alone!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The baby blues was the hardest time of my LIFE! I was only 19 having my little boy so everyone was already judging but when i gave birth to my little boy i had no clue what i was in for and with the comments of everyone and the tiredness this sent me crazy. i cried every day for at least the first month after giving birth to my son. I got through this like all you other mummies will, stay strong and know it is completey normal to feel overwhelmed after the birth of your first child.

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