Raw Truth about Anxiety

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The truth is that Motherhood is hard, but for a mother who is suffering from postpartum depression or anxiety, there’s a deeper layer to the exhaustion. Why isn’t depression and anxiety spoken about more widely? Is it Shame? Fear of freaking other mums out? Or is it simply because we are scared of getting judged? what people might think – “She needs to get on with”, “It’s tough but it’s part of being a new mum”.

Before I had my first child (who is now 3) I had no clue about anxiety, I was an independent woman who would go anywhere at any time without even thinking twice about it. Now in three and half years, I have only left my son once overnight and that was the night my daughter was born. My anxiety is through the roof I imagine every scenario in which my children might be injured. Falling down the stairs, getting kidnapped, getting electrocuted, drinking cleaning products, you name it – I have every worry there possibly is. My anxiety stops me from having a break from being a mum as I feel no one can look after my children like I can.

These days Instagram and Facebook are making postpartum anxiety and depression so much worse as mums scroll down their feeds while drinking coffee to see “the perfect mums“ on social media. The mums who have all their shit together every day!

Well, let me tell you something – that’s BULLSHIT. No one is a perfect mum and no one knows exactly what to do every day and no one has their shit together EVERY day that’s for sure! So please remember when you next scroll down your feed its all for social media. To be honest, kids are probably eating dog food or smothering the dirty nappies all over the wall two minutes after their mum has just posted the perfect picture of them sitting nicely. The point is the photos you see are just minutes or seconds of the day, what happens behind these perfect photos is what we all really want to see!  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just came across this blog and this is exactly what I needed to hear right now! I feel like sometimes I am overprotective or smothering my babies but I just cant help it. My child got cut herself in the garden tonight just of a thorn bush as she fell over and all I have done since this has happened is google it! Telling me all the worst what can happen of this scratch now I am a nervous wreck over it wondering if to take my little girl to the doctors tomorrow. Anxiety is HARD! Us mummy’s need to speak up more over this so that we know its normal for us to feel like this and not a crazy mother! Would love to hear what other mummies out there have had bad anxiety about when it comes to your children.

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