Pregnant During The COVID-19 Outbreak

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What a time to be pregnant, during a virus pandemic when your immune system is at its lowest…

Please don’t panic though soon to be mama’s, I am going to share the measures I am taking so you too can do the same. 

So if we do catch Coronavirus when pregnant nobody really knows for sure if it will be worse for us. However,based on experience with other coronaviruses and with the flu (influenza), it’s possible that the disease could be worse. Public health experts haven’t had time to collect and report information about COVID-19 and pregnancy.

One report of 147 pregnant women in Wuhan, China, suggested that the disease was not worse in pregnant women than it was in other infected people. However, influenza tends to be worse in pregnant women, and SARS was worse in pregnant women than in women who weren’t pregnant. My suggestion, based on common sense and not evidence, is that pregnant women consider themselves to be part of a high-risk group and follow guidance from public health experts that applies to the elderly and immunocompromised.

Masks aren’t recommended as a way to avoid catching COVID-19; masks are recommended if you think you have COVID-19 and want to avoid spreading it to others. So I wouldn’t put a huge importance on wearing a mask! 

Where possible I am going to work from home, I am lucky that i can do this as I know not everyone can. 

Using hand sanitizer – YES this is safe during pregnancy 

Social distancing – keeping at least 1.5 meteres between myself and others – yay no bump touching woohoo! 

Self isolation – only time I am now leaving the house is for food and even then I send my husband. 

WASH HANDS – pregnant or not this is a MUST 

Zoflora is my new best friend. 

Good luck mama’s please be safe out there <3 


3 thoughts on “Pregnant During The COVID-19 Outbreak

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is scary times especially for pregnant women and the elderly. i would definitely social distance and self isolate as MUCH as possible. good luck everyone stay safe <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a new virus and we do not know enough yet about how it affects children or pregnant women. We know it is possible for people of any age to be infected with the virus, but so far there have been relatively few cases of COVID-19 reported among children. The virus is fatal in rare cases, so far mainly among older people with pre-existing medical conditions. Your twins are not in this high risk group.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am due to give birth any day now and a I have never been so scared with everything going on. This is my first baby and it is supposed to be a special time but all it is is worry, I would love a homebirth but worried something will go wrong! Any advice would you have a homebirth?

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