My Child Has COVID. My Warning To You All…

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Hi all, 

So I wanted to share my story about my child contracting the coronavirus as there appears to be so much misinformation going around that children and young people are almost untouched by the virus. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. 

Students who think they cannot catch the virus or that they will not suffer anything more than mild symptoms...STAY AT HOME

Parents with children who think their child will not suffer anything more than mild symptoms…STAY AT HOME

Teenagers and adults who think they are almost invincible to the virus… STAY AT HOME

All of you ARE infact at risk and there is absolutely not gurantee that you will be OK (these are the words from the MP himself)

This is a NEW virus with statistics that are not true to life as cases from home are not tested nor included in the numbers. 

I am writing this today to show you how badly this virus can effect ANYONE and how badly is has effected my child. 

So a few weeks ago my child was at a birthday party, surrounded by about 15 other children and 20 or so adults. He showed no symptoms at the party but the next day began to show signs of a headache and high temperature. I kept him off school and put it down to him being poorly with the seasonal flu. 

As the days went on he got worse and worse, his temperature hitting the 40s and not coming down no matter what I tried. He felt weak, achey, dry cough and stomach pain followed by mucus stuck in his chest and throat. 

He completely lost his appetite and would just want to sleep 24.7 and was totally incoherent at times. I can not believe that the Government are describing that children with the coronavirus will have mild symptoms?! This petrifies me to think how this effects the vulnerable and the elderly if that has happened to my child.

PLEASE this is my warning to you… isolate your children and yourselves from this virus and the rest of the world. STILL there are so many of you going about your daily lives outside, standing in crowds, socialising in the park with strangers… this needs to STOP in order to SAVE LIVES. 


4 thoughts on “My Child Has COVID. My Warning To You All…

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is SO scary. I hate how everyone is downplaying the coronavirus with chidlren. When I tell my friends that I am not taking my daughter outside to the shops they think i am mad! My daughter has had dry cough for about a week now and when I would voice my concerns people would say “your baby is healthy she will be fine, children only get mild symptoms” it seems everyone is now a scientist or health medical prof. People do forget that this virus is new and there is no way on earth I am willing to take the risk and be a guinea pig in the game of statistics….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nothing comes before your child’s health! Why is everyone finding it so hard to just stay in?! This is something we have to conquer exclusively as a group. I believe this is our chance to show unity and kindness to one another x

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is so true, people need to realise that whilst yes in most cases the young and healthy are “usually” ok and seem to recover well, BUT there is always a chance. Even if theres 1% chance of my kids not surviving or even just experiencing horrible symptoms, it’s a risk i would not be willing to take. We can all protect each other if we take it seriously and follow government guidelines.
    stay safe everyone

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi my 7 week old baby caught COVID, and whilst the symptoms weren’t very nice, she was fine after just 4 days. Please try not to panic, if your child does get COVID they can and will be Okay. sending love to you all

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