My teenager is pregnant!

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I am new to all this blogging but I could really do with some advice. I am 35 and have 3 children, my eldest is 15 and I have just found out she is pregnant. She only turned 15 last month and is really still sooo young to be having a baby I am in total shock. I found out by one or her friends mother who said her daughter told her and she thought I had the right to know. I am heartbroken that she coule not come to me about this situation. She is still unsure of what she reallys wants to do. I will always be there for her what ever she decides to do. I have explained having a baby is a completely different life. I am so sad for her as a baby is a miracle of course but soo young she is loosing out on soo many opportunities! What should I do ?? I am emotional wreck I just want the best for my daughter.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a hard time now but I am 27 and have a 12 year old daughter. I was the 15 year old who had a baby when we was in school and I did of course get lots or nasty comments and people saying how I ruined my life but to me I did not! Having my daughter was the best thing that could of happened to me, ok I left school without any GCSEs but I made up for that when my daughter was 5 and went to school I went to uni and now I am a fully qualifed nurse. I have not lost out on a career I gained a best friend and I brought her up on my own and I am proud of myself.
    You need to just be there for your daughter and guide her through this whatever the choice, remember just because she is young doesnt mean she cant do everything else in life maybe a couple of years behind friends but she will still do it. Everything will be fine believe in your daughter.

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