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dog and sleeping baby

What do all you mums think of babies and dogs. Just before I fell pregnant my parnter suprised me with my favourite dog a puggle, he was just 12 weeks old when we got him the smallest cutest thing ever. I fell pregnant a month after having him and that was bloody hard work the first stages of pregnancy sickness and I was cleaning up the dogs mess 10 times a day as he was still not toilet trained. Now my little boy is 10 months old and on the move crawling everywhere my dog has started to growl when the baby goes near him and running wild in circles when the baby is in the walker. The baby has got the dogs tail a few times but I have told him off for doing this and I never leave them alone together. My partner now is worried that our dog could be dangerous and bite our baby especially when he turns into a toddler. He wants to now find a new home for our dog I am upset over this of course our dog was like our baby and is part of the family but is he right is it dangerous to have dogs growling around kids because of course my child is always my number 1 priorty.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is hard, but so many parents do give up on their pets when they have a baby, it happens so many times. There are other ways than giving him up. you can get him trained by a professional dog trainer so he can learn behaviours, and just keep a close eye on your dog and your baby and just take responsibility of never leaving them alone together. see how that goes, then at least you can say you have tried everything first

  2. Anonymous says:

    Growling, this is hard because its the dogs way of saying “back off” they do it to their young to put them in their place. It doesnt mean he is going to attack. my dog growls at everything and anything that pisses her off but she would never ever actually bite or attack us. If your dog snaps at you then thats a different story but you will know your own dog… we do have to remember that dogs are naturally wild animals, and this should be considered if you plan to have children in the future. I have always had a dog when i had my babies, i just kept them away as much possible during the toddler stage and the dog got used to being put to aside for a little while and accepted it and he eventually stayed out the kids way… now my kids are a little older he comes for snuggles on the sofa

  3. Anonymous says:

    Me and my brother we’re brought up with a dog and we loved her! All my childhood memories have her in and this means alot for me. A dog is part of the family you can not just give it up if it has had a little growl. Later your baby and your dog will most likely be best friends and the dog will do anything to protect them and that is one of the sweetest things you will ever see!

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