#BeKind – What I Plan To Teach My Daughter

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So after the news broke over the weekend of Caroline Flack committing suicide, it left me in some kind of daze. How f***** up of a society we live in where we tear eachother apart kicking people when they’re down and using their lives as a means of entertainment. 

As a mother to my daughter, I will do my best to teach her to be kind with her words and to show her just how effective words can be. The fact that words develop into such scrutiny that make someone feel like they have no other choice but to kill themselves makes it so important that we stop and think before we speak or type out on a keyboard or a phone. 

People can blame the media, the press, social media etc for what happened but infact it’s all made up of people, it’s the PEOPLE that need to change as a society, as a culture. I want to teach my daughter to lift people up, if there’s something negative to say about someone keep it to yourself, nobody’s life is up for judgement and discussion if it doesn’t effect yours indefinitely. 

As mum’s we have the power and the responsibility to teach the next generation to #BeKind





2 thoughts on “#BeKind – What I Plan To Teach My Daughter

  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful. it’s true. we need to be kinder in general, on the internet, in person and just in everything we do as our actions and words have a greater impact than we know. We also don’t know someone’s struggles behind closed doors!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s really important that we teach our kids to be kind to others. It all starts from a young age, bullying, which in a lot of cases clearly goes on into adulthood.

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