How soon is too soon ?

My little girl has just turned 6 months old and we have now just finished our breast feeding journey, which was so emotional for me but the right thing to do for both of us as I am returning back to work in the next two weeks. I know this might sound crazy but I am really ready for another baby, I have always wanted two children and both close in age as me and my sister where 12 months apart and have grown up so close and would love this for my children.My partner thinks we should at least wait until our baby has turned one but It take me 8 months to fall pregnant with my little girly now and it could take even longer next time. Is this too soon is my partner right ? Would love to hear when other mummys planned baby number 2!  

One thought on “How soon is too soon ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I Personally think there is no such thing as to soon, as long as you and your partner both feel ready for another baby then that is fine,dont listen to other people if you are ready you know. I always wanted both my children close in age (they are 18 months apart) and It was really hard for the first year but now wow its everything I dreamed off they keep each other entertained, I listen to them laughing early mornings on the monitor and seeing them grow up together is the best thing.

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