Chaotic Days

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This blog has just saved me today, i got the email and when i seen you can post here anonymously without being judged it was fate, the most perfect timing after i have had such a chaotic day with my two babies!

I wanted to call my friend or my mum but sometimes im just so paranoid that even the people closest to me are thinking that i cant cope or i am a bad mum.

It was 9.30 on a school morning already running late my 10 month old screaming in the pram tired waiting to fall asleep while my toddler is already out the door with no coat or shoes on. I quickly grab my shoes and out the door i go, get to the end of the drive to realise i have left my baby bag inside with my phone, purse and keys…

So at this point i did not know what to do i don’t drive i get the bus to take my toddler to school, so that was not going to happen as i didn’t have any money, I couldn’t call my husband to come and help as my phone was also inside.

About to break down the only thing i can think is to walk to my friends (15 minute walk or 30 minutes with my toddler) to find she is not in. I then think of plan B to walk to the beach front where my parents live to get a spare key for my house ( 45 minute walk with a TODDLER) .

Halfway down the road my 10 month old has tossed her dummy and it is no where to be seen , my toddler wants a drink of water from the shop but i have no money to get him a drink so he refuses to walk any further. Wanting to just sit down and burst into tears as it is only 10.15 in the morning and so much has gone wrong i kept walking and finally got to my parents house.

Days with kids can be so tough sometimes and we need to remember these days will pass as hard as the day is. Reality time is a thief and your children are no longer little.

Us mothers are stronger than we think and we can get through all of the hard times that are thrown at us because we are MUMS, and nothing is stronger than a love a mother has for her children.

I would love to know that i am not the only mum that has these crazy wild days, i would love to hear other about your crazy chaotic days!

2 thoughts on “Chaotic Days

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think i have one of these most days with my three kids under five! Me and my partner laugh about these days most nights once its over but he doesn’t have a clue about how chaotic its really been! Im pretty sure my partner looses his shit with the kids after 10 minutes of the behavior they have been giving me all day haha! Just remember you got this mamma and these days wont last forever thats for sure!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We all have these days i think its just part of being a parent, try and brush it off and laugh about it at the end of the day and know that you are definitely not alone and it is completely normal to get overwhelmed by these days.

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