Agreeing To Disagree


Me and my Husband have been Married nearly 10 years now and together 15. We have two children one who is nearly 13 and a 10 year old. We used to have so much in common and love doing the same sort of things but these last 3 years I feel like we are complete strangers and just want different things in life. We always use to talk about our future and that was to move abroad but now he doesnt want this. I love my husband so much I really do but we want different things now I would still love to move abroad and now he has no interest in this atall , can we really stay together if we both want different things ?

2 thoughts on “Agreeing To Disagree

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, of course you can still stay together even though you want different things. Have to comprimise and meet in the middle somehow, figure out how important it is to the other person to do what they want compared to how much it will effect you, if you feel they want this more than you then do what makes them happy because it will make you happy too in the long run too. Marriage is about facing the world together

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a massive part of marriage, going through ups and downs, disagrements the lot. There is a lot of things me and my partner dont agree on and some of them are huge things like religious views but we love each other and we comprimise. Marriage is all about comprimising sometimes you will do things you would rather not do but thats to make your husband happy and sometimes he will do the same to you. If you love each other you can always work through things like this, sit down and talk it out.

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