Things I got told during pregnancy that REALLY pissed me off!

mother and father to be holding the woman's pregnant tummy during the first trimester

The most annoying comments I heard during pregnancy…

Why do I have a feeling that pregnancy is only just the start of these overly opinionated comments? I’m so DONE with all these shitty little comments that I hear time and time again throughout my pregnancy!!!

Last night, I went round for a cuppa with a a couple of mummy friends to hear their opinions and it was actually quite funny how they have all had pretty much the same comments if not similar. So here’s a few that have really got on my tits recently…

  • Congratulations, are you happy about it, was it planned? As if i would be shouting from the rooftops that it was unplanned and that i’m fucking gutted about it.
  • Pregnancy was a dream for me, I had barely any symptoms but then again I was younger than you. Wonderful, I’m glad your intelligent brain understands that age really controls whether you have symptoms or not…
  • Is everything okay? You look so tired! No. I’m pregnant, my stomach is bloated as fuck, i’m pissing every 10 minutes in between throwing my guts up through the night, so yeah i look tired thanks for pointing that out.
  • I think you’re carrying a girl because you gain weight all over when it’s a girl, especially around your face. Cheers for that love, as if I wasn’t already feeling paranoid about the major body changes i’m going through I now know i have a face like an oompa-loompa.
  • Can I touch your bump? Can you not.
  • You don’t look pregnant just like you’ve gained some weight. Thanks, I just love to be told I look fat when my hormones are raging through the roof.
  • Have you had the baby yet? Yeah just popped it out an hour ago and I’m out and about without it talking to you.
  • You already have a girl I bet you would love for this one to be a boy. As long as it’s healthy shouldn’t that be all that matters!!
  • Is it twins? Quadruplets actually.
  • Are you financially stable enough though to have a baby? Are you a nosey cow that likes to ask people their financial situations?

All jokes and raging hormonal anger aside, you have to take the bad with the good, just like anything. What’s a few comments you can just brush off and laugh about when you look at the greater bigger picture of having a baby!

I’d love to hear about some of the comments you received during your pregnancy journey that really p***** you off. Let us know by posting your story anonymously below.

2 thoughts on “Things I got told during pregnancy that REALLY pissed me off!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE this blog as i can so relate to this! My list is never ending of the pregnancy comments i got and still to this day and my little one is now 2 years old!
    – Are you spots due to your pregnancy ?
    – Your having a girl thats why you have spots.
    – Your tiny , are you eating enough for you and baby ?
    – Shame your having a girl first, its always nice to have a boy first as the BIG BROTHER.
    – You will never have a good body again after pregnancy
    – Your life will only go down from here

    These are just a few i can think of right now. Some people just dont know when to stop talking haha!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got severe morning sickness (had to go to hospital for rehydration) but if one more person asks if I’ve tried ginger I think I will scream!

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