Worried about this so called COVID Vaccine!!


I am a mummy of three boys, all very close in age, 3,5 and 7. 

My husband and I have always felt pretty sketchy about vaccinations in general, but we just went along with them for the sake of worrying if we would be wrong. I just didn’t want to take that full responsibility if our children were to catch something because I didn’t vaccinate, HOWEVER, it does not mean I believe they are 100% safe. These are vaccines that have been tested for years, and I still don’t feel happy… 

So today I turn on the news and hear that the UK are currently trialing a vaccine on humans and if successful, the vaccine will be available as early as September 2020?!!!! 

I’m sorry but I will NOT be forced to give myself or my children a vaccination that has gone through shortcuts in the race to try and “solve” a pandemic. I spoke to my husband about this too tonight and he agreed that he would not give a vaccine to our children that has not been researched well enough and gone through the extensive testing as other vaccines. 

Part of me feels like this could be even more dangerous than our children contracting COVID-19, in which most cases children recover fine. 

What do you think about this mamas? If a vaccine was to be availble to you against the virus would you be willing to give it to your children? Even with the shortcuts taken to be approved???


3 thoughts on “Worried about this so called COVID Vaccine!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This really is a tricky one, but try not to worry until that time comes. You never know, this vaccine may not even get approved, we don’t know how this trial is going to go.
    Until then try and relax, when the time comes, you can research the new vaccine and make a decision then. sending love and healing your way

    • Anonymous says:

      In the same boat here. So much anxiety about its horrible. I really dont think I could give this to my children but feel like we would be pressured into it by all the medical side. But I dont see any other way of us being safe except from the vaccine!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes I’m with you on this one. I have 2 unvaccinated very healthy children. (Touching wood). I wont be giving my kids this one either, it’s been rushed through so quickly. It’s very worrying! And noone will know the long term side effects for a long time. Try not to worry your self with it though, it’s unlikely they will give it to children straight away, it will more than likely go to the vulnerable first.

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