Will he be disappointed?

Hi ladies,

i’m after some advice/support/experiences.

i’m pregnant with my first child. My partner currently has 2 girls and there’s only girls in the family. I keep getting comments like ‘oh I hope it’s a boy, someone needs to carry on the name’ 

‘if it’s a boy, it can take over the family business’ 

‘it would be nice for **partners name** if he had a boy though’ 

it’s filling me with dread and worry that he and his family will be disappointed if it’s a girl (even though he says he would be happy either way) and it won’t be as special for him because he’s already got 2 girls. 

3 thoughts on “Will he be disappointed?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had this same thing with my husbands parents..they were worried that the family surname wouldnt be carried on if i had a girl…..3 girls later, they still dont have a boy and noone to ‘carry on’ the family surname.
    Are you going to find out what you are having? Or wait?
    Maybe finding out could help? x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honestly when the baby is born nothing will.matter aslong as if its healthy and all the family will love the baby whatever the gender may be. We are the opposite we have two boys and everyone wants us to try for another baby just to have a girl as there is no girls in the family but it doesnt work that way. We shouldnt have to feel like this as a baby is a miracle either way try not to worry I.promise you when the baby is born it will be loved just as much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey there, i posted a post on gender which really explains just how special same gender children are too, all points you should bring up to them if they ever did say anything if you have a little girl. its very sad people have to make these comments when the most important thing is a) to be blessed with a child and b) the child is healthy.
    please try not to worry <3

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