Why I Won’t Post Photo’s of My Kids on Social Media

Nowadays I feel like if a birth isn’t announced on Instagram or Facebook, then did it even happen? It’s crazy the world we live in now, and how mum culture is portrayed on social media. (just my opinion


When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband told me how he would like to keep photos of our little girl off social media, at least until 40 days had passed. This was due to culture and the belief of the evil eye (nazar) 


As 40 days passed, I got used to concealing my little girl’s identity in photo’s across social media that I began to feel strongly about not wanting to post them at all. I can’t really explain the feeling, I just wanted to keep her to myself, private, just for us. I didn’t want mom’s discussing how “beautiful” or how “ugly” my child was – yes some mom’s talk about that kinda stuff unfortunately!


I love that people interested in my kid actually ask me about her. Believe it or not, receiving messages from friends or long lost childhood friends asking to see photos of her was so much more gratifying than watching the likes roll in. I mean, why have the anxiety of not receiving X amount of likes on your posts when no number can place value on how special that moment and how precious your child is to you. 


It also removes the awkwardness of telling someone about your child and what they’ve done when you meet up with someone in real life trying to work out if they have already seen it on social media. 


Although it was difficult at times, I felt like I was secluding myself from the mommy groups and mom culture and not celebrating her milestones, but all in all, it was the right decision for us.


I would love to hear mom’s thoughts on this, and for those who do not post photos of their children, what was your reasoning?


I totally respect moms who post photos of their children too by the way!

4 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Post Photo’s of My Kids on Social Media

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this a heated subject for a lot of mums as so many of us see it differently. For me on my social media i have very few followers and all my followers and friends are my family and close friends who I am happy to share my family pictures with. I personally would never share my childrens photos with just anyone on social media and I dont really have a reason for this just I know I would not be comfortable if I had random follwers on my page and my childrens photos there too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i totally get both sides to this, i understand why people do not share images of their children on social media and those who do.
    For those who wish to post, they just want to show everyone how sweet their children are and how proud they are and for those who don’t wish to keep their children safe from the intruding privacy of social media, the whole image recognition system database is crazy!!!
    there’s no right or wrong decision here, just like many things with motherhood. Do what you feel is best 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ve kept my kids off of social media. It was a rule when I was pregnant with my 1st (now7) the only pics that are on the internet of them are the backs of there heads. I always said that if someone wanted to see the kids they were more than welcome to come and see us. I havent ever felt that facebook or instagram is a safe place for kids. Also i get a bit bored of seeing other peoples kids….so expect everyone would feel the same about seeing mine all the time!

  4. Anonymous says:

    keep your children off it, honestly!! they will be grateful that you did when they get older. can you imagine us being able to find all the cringey photos of us as kids posted by our parents now!!! social media is already taking over so much, lets not it take over our kids childhood memories too!

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