Three is the magic number?

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To three or not to three…

I get asked the following questions quite a lot:


‘Is it hard having three?’

‘What is it like with 3 kids?!’

Or the most common statement….

‘Wow you’ve got your hands full!’ (yes…yes I do)


Now, this blog post isn’t a moan about having 3 kids, I adore each of them. They are fab, i’m so lucky to have 3 healthy and happy children, but sometimes I like to vent and where better than an anonymous mummy blog, besides its a good way for me to get things off my chest!


Here’s some key facts to consider before you decide to take the jump to three:


No One really cares…

So first time around you get 1000 likes on your facebook status, and hundreds of comments from ‘Congrats’ to ‘You’ll be amazing parents’.

You no doubt have a surprise baby shower with balloons and bunting, games and gifts coming out your ears (I don’t think I actually purchased a babygrow for the first 18 months of my first borns life!)

Third time around, people get a bit confused with the amount of kids you already have, also i remember someone telling me that I was always pregnant, you get about 2 likes on facebook and there’s 100% no baby shower…I could have done with one as the hand me downs were starting to look like rags.

People also seem to think that as you’ve done it before, you don’t need any more help as your pro….trust me help is ALWAYS needed. I haven’t had a poo by myself in nearly 6 years, and a trip to the supermarket on my own is a mini holiday!!


You need a 7 seater…

You could sit in the back in the middle when you go on family outings but it’s far from ideal and a bit squashed.


You worry a lot less about everything….

Remember how much you worried the first time around about everything, from weaning, to nappy changes, calpol or ibuprofen? I literally don’t have the time to worry!

Breast or bottle, dummies, baby led weaning, co sleeping, controlled crying, you name it, i literally don’t give a fuck, it’s not my problem. I’m too busy trying to take a mental note that i have all 3 children walking in the right direction and one hasn’t escaped.


Be prepared not to go out….

Ever, no seriously it’s safer if i’m at home, I made the mistake of taking all 3 kids to the shops once, NEVER AGAIN. Children and shops dont mix.

It also takes approx 30 mins on a good day to get all 3 children ready to leave the house, I get one dressed and the other takes their shoes off, we end up going around in circles…stay at home it’s easier!


For me personally I wouldnt say its any ‘harder’ having 3 children, i thought it was hard when I had 1 baby, i thought it was stressful, and tiring, and that I didn’t get anything done. A Lot of people will tell you that the jump between 1-2 is a massive change/shock and that the third just ‘slots’ in (not true)


Being a parent has moments of ups and downs, I think no matter how many children you have you always think its hard work, and that you can’t cope…but trust me you can, and you just get on with it… don’t really have much choice! Besides it wont last forever, when your 70 and they’ve all left home you’ll be moaning that you never see them


One thought on “Three is the magic number?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I always get the same questions and I only have the two.
    “Wow your brave”
    “You must be done now”
    “You`ve got your hands full”
    “How do you go out by yourself with both kids?”

    My answer to all these questions is ” Im a mother its my job, I just get on with it.”
    Like you said its hard however many kids you have, everyone has a different stage of hard as a mother. I have two under 5 and and I love them both to pieces and most of the time I cope with them fine as its my job to be a mother but some days I do think to myself how much I would love to just go shopping by myself and not have to worry about where the kids are running off to. The hardest thing for me is definitely the running off in directions especially when its in a busy place thats normally when I end up packing up and going straight back home. Being a mother has changed me for the better and I am forever grateful for that. All you mummies I see you all as superheros now.

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