The Real Struggles of Parenting

Mum comforting small child in her arms

We all face parenting problems while on the roller coaster of raising kids. We have are ups and downs but its by far the most rewarding job ever and i try and remember that even on my lowest of days.

 Facing Judgment, Shame

When your child has tantrums or yelling, disobeying you or being annoying, you’ve probably gotten “the look “from strangers walking by you know that one that says “fucking control your child”. Well it can make you feel like a terrible mum even though we know that we are doing everything we can to raise our children the best we know.

Truth is its human nature for people to judge so no matter what decision we make we will always be judged, so next time your child is playing up outside stop and remind yourself you cannot read other peoples mind, the more we try to read other peoples mind the more negative thoughts run through our head and effect our parenting.


This is a huge struggle for a lot of mums, i know it is a huge one of mine. I often think of the worst scenarios and play the “what if” game which is stopping me from living in the moment. Fear that something bad will happen to my child , that i am not a good mum. These haunting voices of doubt can be relentless, it can take our joy and confidence away from parenting.When we take a step back and look at what is really in front of us here and now this can often help us focus on what is going on right now.

High Expectations 

Does your baby do this yet ? Is ” a game ” a lot of new mums like to play with other mums who have babies the same age. Normal as it is, comparing can be a recipe for stress. It can also prevent us from fully appreciating what our kids are accomplishing.

How do you stop comparing when your friends are saying my baby was running by his first birthday (my child is now 14  months old and still not walking).  All babies are completely different in every way, when it comes to mile stones sitting up, crawling and walking this varies widely.

I would love to hear other mum struggles and tips on them.



2 thoughts on “The Real Struggles of Parenting

  1. Anonymous says:

    This game ” is your baby doing this yet ” is my pet hate! Just let babies be babies , what is the world coming to already judging 6 month old babies. Every baby is unique and different and i wish people would understand this. My little boy walked at 15 months and EVERY one had something to say about this “have you taken him to the doctors” ” thats so late isn’t it ” “shouldn’t he be walking by now” and the list goes on. But my little boy walked when he was ready and now is thriving. Sorry about the rant but this really gets to me!

  2. Anonymous says:

    My little boy is nearly 6 weeks old and since the day we brought him home from hospital it has basically been a living nightmare! I feel I cant express myself like this to my friends or family as we tried for our little boy for so long, he is so beautiful and I am so grateful we have a healthy little boy but my god this is hard work! He doesn’t sleep i thought thats all newborns did was sleep??? Well not my little boy, he has to be rocked to sleep in my arms and he will not go down once he is asleep he wakes up instantly as soon as he is put in his cot, moses basket , chair or pram! I have mentioned this to the midwife but she seems to think this is normal with some babies they are fussy but I have never known a newborn to have just 2 hours sleep in 24hours!! Has anyone else had a really fussy baby like this ?

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