Teenage pregnancy

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Hey guys… I’m a 19 year old teen Mammy.  I fell pregnant at 17 years old and had my baby girl at 18 years old. 

As you could guess the reactions which I got when I told people were not great, especially from my father. But my little girl is 18 months old now and everyone adores her. 

It’s hard being a teen Mammy with all the stuff that goes through your head wondering how much is my life is going to change from now. What will people think about me as I’m never going to be with the other half… Etc. 

But don’t worry make good choices like me, I’m now in full time education studying Criminology and my baby girl goes to nursery whilst I do this. Always remember you make your own choices for yourself.

With being a teen Mammy you get treated like a baby sometimes with people telling you how to bring your child up. But do it how you want, your way!


5 thoughts on “Teenage pregnancy

  1. Anonymous says:

    loved reading this. well done to you for not giving in thinking you were too young! You’ve done it and shown other mummies out there that they can do it too, not matter how old they are. It’s amazing you are focusing on your studies whilst also being a mum, setting up a secure future for your little girl one day. I think people are so quick to judge these days, but you just have to keep proving them wrong and doing an amazing job like you are doing! xxx

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should be 100% proud of yourself , being a mum is not easy in any way and especially being a young single mum. You are being both a mother and a father to your daughter and that is something to be proud of and when your little girl is old enough she is going to appreciate everything you have done for her. Dont let anyone tell you that you are not doing a great job because you are , you are planning a future for both you and your daughter. No matter how young or old are you does not come into being a parent , a parent is putting your children before yourself , planning a future for you both to live a happy healthy life is being a parent and its sounds like that is exactly what you are doing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think teen mum’s are amazing and that’s not just because I was one too, but the stigma surrounding it. I was 16 when I fell pregnant with my son and in the first year of my college course, but it didn’t deter me. I completed my first year and was 17 when he arrived. 8 weeks later I was expecting my daughter in my second year at college. I’m proud to say that despite having 2 babies under a year old at the tender age of 18, I still gained my qualification and went on to marry my children’s daddy who was also my childhood sweetheart. My babies are now almost 18 and 19 and my husband and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary in June. Unfortunately i had gynaecological problems and after 7 years of suffering, I ended up having a hysterectomy at 25. I believe everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t change a thing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    My Daughter aged 19 has just had twins, this took family and friend time to get used to because of her age and the fact she hadn’t been with her boyfriend very long, my husbands mother has disowned her and this has split up the whole family, we don’t speak now which has been very hard on my daughter as they were close as she grew up, but looking at my beautiful grandchildren now, it’s her loss!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Times like these can be so hard for some people to get the head around it but when they realize how good of a mother to them twins she is they will realise that age does not come into whether you are a good mother or not. I hope your family gets through this hard time im sure your husbands mother will realise she is missing out on two beautiful little babies and want to be back involved with all of you. Remember to just be there and support each other in times like these.

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