Struggling with my weight & confidence after kids

Hi Moms

I need your help and some advice on healthy eating habits and how to fit in the time of working out. I’m a work from home mom, with no support or childcare with my 9 month old baby and I work approx 20 hours a week. I squeeze work around my babies nap times and when she is playing on the floor with her toys. 

The only time I really make for myself is in the morning I will have a cofee and breakfast then I get stuck into work. 

Now my issue is I have gained SO much weight. I am only about half a stone away from my heaviest and when I was about to give birth. All my weight mostly hangs around my stomach and it bulges out in my clothes. 

I feel so down, and I’m only 27 I should still be in my prime and feel attractive. People are polite and say you look great but I know they can see I have gained the weight, I was a size 12 before I got pregnant and now im easily a size 16-18. There’s not really an excuse to gain that much weight, people say but you have a 9 month old! so what? I shouldn’t use that as an excuse to eat unhealthily and not get any exercise. 

What can I do to loose the weight and feel good about myself again? I would love to know what you women do to stay healthy, fit and how you have the time with a super busy mum schedule. 

2 thoughts on “Struggling with my weight & confidence after kids

  1. Anonymous says:

    The best thing I can say is priortise yourself even if that means waking up at 5 getting workout done and then having a sleep when baby naps or anyone who will have baby for an hour while u go for a run the gym yoga anything for yourself is soo important never forget that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally feel you, I spent the first year after my daughter was born being lazy in terms of working out and meal planning. All of my attention went on my daughter and I totally neglected myself. I even bought her about 15 summer outfits whilst I continued to wear last years maternity summer clothes…
    What really helped me get started was a shake diet, I know these are not great but it gave me the kick start that I needed to then prep healthy meal plans. I only drank the shakes for two weeks then when I could see the pounds shedding it then gave me the motivation to diet without them. good luck!

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