Splitting up after kids

I am really sad to write this but I have a 18month old daughter and me and my husband haven’t been getting on good for nearly a year now and its finally come to and end! I am heartbroken I didn’t want it to end like this but we cannot fix our differences and to be happy we need to live separate lives! The biggest problem my babys dad is spanish and we have lived in spain for the last 4 years due to our split I will now have to go back to the UK! Everything is going to change for my little girl all at once, new home , her daddy not being with us and a completely new life. Seeing her dad is not going to be often anymore and not easy as we are going to live in different countries it heartbreaks me because she adores him and he adores her. I just need some advice has anyone else had a similar situation to this before I just feel so alone and so guilty for taking my little girl away from her daddy so young.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So sorry to hear you are going through this I know this is a really tough time for you but I promise things will get better it just takes time. Me and my partner split 3 years ago now and we have two children together aged 6 and 9. We split basically for the same reason as you we just stopped getting on and disagreed on everything, he now has a new partner and a little boy on the way which my children are really excited about (not me so much) but we have separate lives now and it works better for us as it was never good for the kids to see us constantly arguing. My children stay with there dad every other weekend and this works good for us all. Im sorry the situation isnt as easy for you as you both live in different countries but just talk and try and sort things out if he could help you with flight money every couple of months and if he could get over to see you both. You are stronger than you think and I promise everything will work about but definitely seek help family or friends or this can easily get you into depression when things are bottled up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    im so sorry about your split. it is so difficult when parents live in different countries, but it can work. keep in regular contact with daddy via facetime and always talk about daddy to your little one so she never forgets him. try and book a couple of holidays out there a couple of times a year too so they can spend time together and perhaps he can come and visit you both too in the uk?

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