sleep regression

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My baby has been a really bad sleeper since basically the day she was born , cat naps all day 10 minutes up to 45 mins at a time but when she hit 8 weeks old she started getting herself into a better routine not perfect but was sleep up to 2 hours at once which is a lot for her. Now she is 4 and half months old and has gone back to the way she used to be cat napping all the time maximum she will sleep at once is 45 minutes even in the night. Is this normal someone please helpppp she is driving me crazy I am badly sleep deprived.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My little girl has just turned 18 months and she is still the worst sleeper ever and i am so exhausted as now she is also a little terror in the day time doesn’t stop for a minute and then still wakes all through the night every 20 to 40 minutes for nothing she just cant sleep! she has had all tests done at the hospital but everything has came back normal she just doesn’t like sleep! I thought she would of grown out of this now but she just hasn’t and as I am a single mum I am just sooooo exhausted. Someone please tell me it gets better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know it is so hard having a baby that doesnt sleep and its physically and mentally draining as my little boy was like that but just try and think of it as seasons and it is just a phrase. I tried every trick under the sun for my little boy but nothing worked it was just time and he did grow out of it. You have got this!

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