Should I Homeschool my child?

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Hi is there anyone out there who has decided to homeschool their children? 

I know there are many benefits to this such as academic flexibility,
parent choice of pace and approach and more… 

But… I am still worried if I am going to be a good enough teacher for my child and will I be up for taking on such a responsibility?

I would love to create a fun learning environment for my child where they do not need to fear bullying, stress of trying to keep up with “competition” and more. 

Is there any mums out there who have homeschooled if so, what are your approaches, tips and advice?


One thought on “Should I Homeschool my child?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi I was thinking about home schooling my two children at one point but I do think it is better for children to go to school as it is a massive part of a childs life. All my childhood memories are from high school some bad of course but mainly good. The main reason why I wanted to home school is that schools do lack on learning important things. For example – Money situations, Job interviews, planting and real foods, childcare, cleaning etc. I sent my kids to a school that I am 100% happy with but we will also spend time every week to teach them the things that I think are so important that they do not learn from the education system.

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