Should I Continue To Try For Baby During This Pandemic?

Hello everyone, 

I just thought I would pop on quickly for some advice. Me and my husband have a child already who is now 1 years old. We have always wanted 3 children and would like them to be quite close in age so they can grow up together sharing all of their childhood memories at roughly the same stage in their lives. 

Although I am pretty concerned if this is a good idea right now with what’s going on with COVID-19? Should we put our baby plans on hold or continue to try and live our lives as the new norm? 

I guess there’s so much to consider such as the hospital appointments, giving birth, being at high risk during pregnancy… but then again, this could go on for years and should we really put our lives on hold forever as this is a big decision and one that’s really important to us, to expand our brood. 

Please be kind on your thoughts as I know this could get quite heated. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I would love to hear it, thanks 🙂

3 thoughts on “Should I Continue To Try For Baby During This Pandemic?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi this is a personal choice, if it was me then I would probably hold off actively trying to get pregnant right now. just because of the unknown and uncertainty of this time. You want to enjoy your pregnancy if possible and will not need the added stress of a pandemic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I personally wouldnt try either at the moment. I know you said about putting your life on hold forever but its not forever, even if its just not right now we are at the start of a pandemic and things will.only get worse when winter comes (a second hit I think) just give it a couple of months and see how the situation is, your baby is still really young so you have plenty of time to still have them close in age.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There are probably so many parents thinking this right now, but sometimes your need and want for a baby is just so strong I can understand why people continue to try. Especially for those who have already been trying for quite some time, they don’t want to stop and loose their chance that they had already waited so long for.
    I think you can still try for a baby but you will have to be prepared for your partner to not be allowed in with you for scans, appointments and perhaps even the birth. Not to mention the fact you may not be able to have the help from friends and family after the baby is born. If all of this doesn’t stop you from wanting a baby then go for it.

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