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Hi everyone

Just need a bit of advice from other mummies and to see what you all think about your children returning to school.

I have 3 under 5 my eldest nearly 5 and my youngest just turning two. We have stayed in now for 3 whole months and it has been a crazy wild 3 months. My children fight so much more than they used to which I know is normal as they are together 24/7. They are all ready to have a bit of alone time and 1 to 1 with mummy and daddy. My nursery has reopened over a month ago now but I wasnt comfortable at putting them back in. (My youngest doesnt go to nursery still at home with me) I am thinking of maybe sending them back 1st Of July but I am still so scared of everything going on, but im also going crazy at home and so are they! 

What are your thoughts?? 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is such a hard one! I am in the same position with this I have 3 boys 8 and under. My parents keep telling its to risky to send them to nursery and school and that I would feel so guilty if they did catch the virus. I also have most of my friends saying that its best for the kids to start returning back to normal life and with the extra safety measurements being taken its less likely for them to catch it. My three havent never like staying indoors and have literally had enough, they are asking to go back to school and that is something they never do! A couple of my friends have sent their kids back to nursery now to try and get back to normal. I think this i different flr every person,if you dont feel comfortable then just wait a few more weeks and see how you feel then.

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