Pregnancy loss

Hey mommas, I hope you are all coping well during this crazy time. I just wanted to come on here and share my story of pregnancy loss that happened to me last year.

Though the stats show that miscarriage is very common I still never really thought it would happen to me especially as i had two healthy pregnancies before and heard their heartbeats really early around the 8 week mark. 

So I went for an 8 week scan, all excited, preparing to hear the heartbeat and celebrate with my friends and family. Shortly after the wand touched my belly at the ultrasound, the energy in the room just shifted. “Okay we are going to do a vaginal ultrasound as sometimes it can be difficult to pick it up.” I knew straight away that this wasn’t normal, especially as my previous pregnancies you could hear the heartbeat straight away from just the standard ultrasound with the wand on my belly. 

After checking again with the vaginal ultrasound, there was still no heartbeat. “I will just get my colleague to just double check over the scan results for you” I began to panic cry and I just knew in my heart that this pregnancy was no longer viable. 

The second midwife came in and confirmed the news, “I’m so sorry but unfortunately there is no heartbeat and the pregnancy is no longer progressing” As soon as I heard those words everything turned into a blur. Thank god my husband was there to take in the information for the next steps as I to this day can not tell you the words that were said after that. 

It took me a while to grieve for this pregnancy, it’s an experience that people go through differently, it’s greif. It’s so important to take the time you need to heal both mentally and physically. 

I still haven’t been able to try again for another baby as I’m still healing, how long did you all wait til you began trying for another baby after your miscarriages?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can totally relate, when i was 29 pregnant with my fourth child I too suffered a miscarriage. My baby was measuring at 7 weeks when it had stopped growing and at my ultrasound there was no heartbeat.
    I refused to believe it was true and booked another ultrasound at another hospital but only to hear the same news. It’s as though i was holding onto something that just was never meant to be. I still find it difficult to come to terms with this pregnancy loss, why didn’t my baby make it? What was the reason for it, was there a reason? I felt broken for a very long time and still could never bring myself to try for one more baby.

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