Cartoon depicting what a new mother needs but doesn't say

The realities of postpartum life are not spoken about enough.

Motherhood is Raw,Messy,Stunning and Hilarious all in one.

After giving birth a lot of people hate on the way they look postpartum but why is this because of the celebrities that “bounce back” a month after giving birth? If we spoke and shared more pictures of the real postpartum bodies this may help so many mummies out there who feel uncomfortable to even show their bodies to their partners.

I mean minutes after i gave birth to my daughter i was in a Giant mum diaper with the baggiest top with 2 big milk stains on and smelling of sick from the epidural.

Nothing says welcome to Motherhood more than this.

The reality of postpartum is –
Tired as Fuck
Uneven Boobs
Stretch Marks
Tears ( quite a few )
Smelling of milk , piss and vomit
Constant bleeding
Kangaroo pouch with a BRIGHT red scar (from c section )
Along with 20 rounds of washing , and the messiest house possible.

No one warns you about the dark side of motherhood. No one gives you a heads up about how much you change mentally and physically after becoming a mother.

I feel like there is so much controversy over natural births, c sections, formula and breastfed, so much judgement. All that truly matters is that mother and baby are healthy.

Bringing life into this world is such a magical gift. All of our bodies tell a story and what beautiful stories they are.I could never be more proud of my body my big red scar and my kangaroo pouch is how my beautiful children entered the world.

Never underestimate the power of a woman’s body.

3 thoughts on “Postpartum

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes i dont understand why people sugar coat motherhood its bitter sweet, difficult yet beautiful, and all the rest!
    people forget to talk about how you cant sneeze these days without pissing your knickers, or how your boobs are closer to the floor now than you ever thought posisble! haha. people need to just be real!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its nice to hear stuff like this as i feel everyone messages saying hope all is well with your beautiful little family , little do they know the other side of things. My reality since having my 6month old is NO sex drive what so ever, anxiety every day and every day arguments with my partner. Hoping these days will soon pass times like these make me unsure if i could even handle another baby.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am 3 weeks Post partum and i cannot control my emotions! my partner doesn’t understand why i cry myself to sleep most nights or why i break down because the toothpaste lid was left open! Please someone tell me this gets easier, how long do these feelings last? i need HOPE 🙁

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