My Decision to Pierce My Baby’s Ears

I’m very aware that piercing your baby’s ears is a heated subject with many moms quick to shame those who do so. However, I am here to say my side and why I decided to pierce my baby girl’s ears. 


When my baby girl turned 5 months old I had her ears pierced at my pediatrician’s office. I know 5 months seems young, but her doctor advised me that it’s better to do it now when they are young rather than later because when they get a little older they can pull at them and cause an infection. 


Before the procedure I numbed her ears with ice (15mins before) and lidocaine numbing cream (applied a thick layer 45 mins before) and during the procedure I nursed her. They did not use a piercing gun. It was a piercing device that did not make a sound as to not frighten her and when it was done she barely even cried at all, she flinched a little but then carried on nursing and forgot alllllll about it. 


I followed the aftercare instructions from her doctor and they healed so quickly, she didn’t touch them, they didn’t bother her and she was able to sleep on the side of her head comfortably. 


Now she is almost 10 months old and she is not bothered by them nor picks them because she is so used to them being there! 


I know a lot of people may say “it’s cruel causing unnecessary pain to your child, blah, blah” but with the right pre-care of numbing and aftercare the whole procedure is a lot less traumatic than when they have it done when they’re older. I remember as a child having mine done and the fear of waiting for them to be done, not to mention the effort of self cleaning for them to only close over after they had to be removed for school. I think i had to have them done about 2-3 times before they actually healed without closing up, it just would have been a lot easier if I had them pierced as a baby! 


That’s just my opinion, everyone has the right to have their own opinion and to do what they feel is best for their child. 


8 thoughts on “My Decision to Pierce My Baby’s Ears

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely a touchy subject for mums but so is a lot of things when it comes to motherhood, if mums dont like it then thats it thats their choice they should not be judging other mothers decisions just because they dont agree with it. I think little girls look cute with them pierced but my choice for my little girl is to wait for her to ask me (if she will). Never feel ashamed for doing motherhood your way there is no right or wrong way and aslong as our chilren are healthy and happy then other peoples opinions shouldnt matter.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, i agree, it is a bit of a touchy subject but i honestly don’t see any problem with it. I think if I was to have my daughter’s done I would either have them done when she’s 6 months or when she’s older. She will probably have them done anyway, at some point, just do what you feel comfortable with and ignore the haters! It’s your decision at the end of the day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had my daughters ears pierced at 18 weeks old she now nearly 4 and not once has she touched never had a problem. The older they get to have them done I think is when they become infected due to them
    Touching and having to remove them before they have completely healed because of school…its a touchy subject and not everyone agrees with.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m debating to do this, im so torn on the decision as i can see both sides completely! Just when I think im going to get them done, my little girl gets poorly or hurts herself and when i see her upset or in pain i think i cant do this! But i guess if you try and numb it like you said then it may not be so bad

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am 100% against this and any other pain that is not necessary on the child. A child is a human being just like us and should have the opportunity to decide what happens to their body.

    • Anonymous says:

      lol it’s only earrings, if they don’t like them they can just remove them it’s really not a big deal. Also when I got my daughters done we numbed her ears with cream and ice and she didn’t even cry once. by having them done younger removes the fear and not to mention the hassle of them healing over before school when they are older. For me as a child I had to have mine pierced about 3 times as they would heal over after the 6 weeks school holidays and i remember the fear too!

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