My Birth Story

Newborn baby being shown to mum

Childbirth is an intimate and special event that we experience with those we love. Birthing is a huge and important subject for parents and parents to be.

Week 37

At 1.30am i woke up needing to pee again but this time it wasn’t just to pee, as I sat on the toilet I realised there was dripping unsure that it was my waters as i assumed waters broke with a gush,back to bed I went. Twenty minutes later I got up again but this time as i stood up a gush came out and this definitely isn’t how I expected it to be, a sweet smell and pale colour with light pink streaks.My contractions started within minutes after my water breaking,now it started to feel real our baby boy was coming,a little earlier than expected but he was coming.  

      At 4pm Me and hubby decided to go up to the hospital to get checked,I was only 2cm dilated when I arrived at the hospital. 5 hours later and I was only measuring 3cm but my contractions where getting closer apart, the midwife decided to put me on a drip to help with dilating.In agony as the contractions are getting stronger and stronger and lasting for 25 seconds with still NO DRUGS. Walking around the room with my backside hanging out of that awful long green gown, I decided to try and have a shower so my hubby held the shower over me as I got my next contraction and this really helped ease a bit of the pain for me.When the midwife returned i was finally 8cm dilated.

It was now 1.30pm and off we went into the delivery room. Mortified at this big (dentist chair) where i am supposed to give birth,this is not what i expected.My midwife was very pushy with me and only allowed my husband in the room. After two hours of pushing she sends my husband out the room to see if it helps with the pushing( it certainly didn’t).Alone in this room in a big chair with my legs in stirrups is not how i wanted my little boy to enter the world. At this point i was asking for the doctor i had seen all threw my pregnancy, when he arrived he checked me over and i was still 8cm dilated so why the fuck was this midwife trying to make me push.

          My doctor tried another drip to help me dilate further but after an hour he decided on an emergency c-section, being wheeled down to the operating room lying on the freezing cold bed with 6 surgeons around me was so overwhelming, as this was an emergency c-section my husband was not allowed in the room. Screaming in pain as another contraction comes,lying on this bed feeling so alone they put a needle in my arm and next i know im out for the count.

Waking up with blurry vision unsure where i was,the first thing i said “where is my son”. I then got handed my beautiful little boy.After nine months of growing, building, creating, loving and bonding, it was our time to see each other Me, exhausted and exhilarated, arms wide open to embrace you. Unfortunately, I was one of the last people to hold my son which still does hurt me to this day as I take a while to come round after my operation. My little boy was dressed and had lots of cuddles with his daddy, Grandparents and auntie.

My big red scar is now part of my body and an amazing part it is as my baby entered the world through here and forever proud il be.At the end of the day a lot of births do not go as planned c-section or natural both are completely fine,as long as mother and baby are healthy that is all that truly matters.

Sharing birth stories helps other mummys to open up about all their feelings during and after birth. Would love to hear more birth stories from all you mummies out there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Had a traumatic birth with my second baby, thought we was going to loose her! The cord got wrapped around her neck and i ended up having an emergency c section which i never wanted but right now i couldn’t be any more thank full for c sections as this saved my little girls life! I am now 32 weeks pregnant with my third baby and having a planned c section at 39 weeks and i am so much more calm about this now. I also love my scar as this is what saved my little princess`s life. No matter how your baby is born natural or via c section we need to be thankful for the babys health and that is all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I also had a c section they are a lot more common now than they used to be. At 29 weeks I got told I had low amniotic fluid and that if it didn’t go up then the safest way for delivery would be via c section. At 38 weeks the doctor still said he thinks the safest way for delivery is c section so at 39 weeks exactly I was taken down. Well was I fuck expecting that! One of the most painful experiences of my life, 3 times they tried the epidural and it didn’t work I could feel everything so then I had to be put to sleep which I was devastated about but I knew this was the safest way for my baby. When I came around I was getting wheeled to my room and in tears as I hadn’t yet met my baby. Well when I did it was the most magical thing her big blue eyes looking at me all that pain was worth it. Now is when the epidural had kicked in so I could no longer feel my legs, this lasted for nearly 4hours!! I can never explain the recovery pain to anyone unless they have been through this. Some people think a c section is the easy way out well let me tell you something it is FARR From the easy way out! I am now 5 weeks post par tum and I am still completely numb in my belly.

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