My big baby

I’m having my first baby due in less than 4 weeks. Midwife measurements have been plotted in the centre or slightly above. At 33 weeks I went in with reduced movements needing a scan as baby was just having a quiet day but the scan measured the baby’s head at 36 weeks, abdomen 37+4  legs were 34 and fluid was high so was sent for gestational diabetes screening where results came back negative.

Since then iv had another er growth scan at 35 weeks and obviously gone above the 90th cenfile on my growth chart. Last scan measured baby’s head at 37 +5 abdomen at 40+4 and legs 36. fluids still up. Following this I had a meeting with a consultant who explained all the measurements and asked for family history which is that nobody has had small babies when born early too.

When my mum went overdue then induced with my sister she had a distressing time and ended up stuck with forcep delivery resulting in my birth being Induced on due date and I was a whopping 10lb. Iv been left with the decision to be induced before my due date as the consultant is wondering about shoulder dislocia and having a repeat of my mums labour resulting in the baby being stuck and so on.

I will meet with her and another lady to discuss everything plus a clinical big baby trail to get more info and make a plan. I already felt nervous of this anyway following my first scan… I mean who doesn’t worry that their baby may not squeeze out of that space down there and tear you in two.

Speaking to family and friends they’ve said to go with my Instincts and go ahead with the induction. My own midwife seemed alot more negative and has contradicted alot of what the consultants said and what she’s said really regarding natural and induced labour. Has anyone else had similar, did you go overdue with a big baby. Any induction stories, advice or anything… I’m scared I’m not going to lie… I mean who came up with the stork story where you baby’s got delivered to your door in a little sack. 

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    Try not to worry too much as measurements can be so inaccurate sometimes. I know a lot of friends who have been told they are having big babies or the babies head is measuring big and came out a perfectly normal size baby. My sister in law was 30 weeks pregnant when the baby broke her ribs and was bed ridden for the rest of the pregnancy, midwife told her it was because she was carrying a huge baby. Ten weeks later and she gave birth to a 7lb 3 little girl.

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