Mourning My Old Pregnancy

My Baby girl is just one month old and although now shes here and fills me with all the happiness in the world, I feel like Im mourning not being pregnant, the reality that I can no longer feel her moving around inside me is overwhelming. I guess that maybe these feelings are normal as 9 months is a long time to grow a connection with a little human and feel there heart beating inside you. I had always dreamed of being pregnant and was so excited the day I got them two pink lines and now I feel like I blinked and those 9 months over. This all started 5 days after my little girl was born and I went for a check at the hospital and the ultrasound was EMPTY! I started feeling so lost and emotional even though I know my daughter is here and safe with me. Now this is a new chapter for me and my little girl that I am so excited for, just need these crazy postpartum hormones to go! Would love to hear if anyone else went through anything similar to this.

4 thoughts on “Mourning My Old Pregnancy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Totally feel the same! Miss his little hiccups and watching the movements of my belly while watching hollyoaks. Our bodies our truly amazing for what they have done carried our miracles safely for 9 months. Now we have our little babies to care for and we will forever treasure those 9 months of pregnancy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry these feelings are completely normal its all part of the postpartum hormones. I didnt miss my bump but I did cry every day for at least 10 days after my son was born over the most silly little things. One day it was because my husband bought a different brand toothpaste to the one we normally use and another day it was over not finding my pink pair of slippers! Dont let the hormones get to you to much and just remember this will pass. I have to admit my son is 4 now and still to this day I think about him moving inside my tummy and miss that so much I think something as precious as pregnancy will always be missed at some point.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am 6 months post par tum and I miss being pregnant so much, I have discussed with my partner about this as I would like both my children close in age anyway but is this to soon ? or is this even a reason to fall pregnant yet because I miss pregnancy is this a phrase ? Do you think trying for another baby when your first born is only 6 months old is too soon? Would love to hear different opinions about this.

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