Mothers instinct

My son will be 5 this year and since he turned two he has been hard work and what I mean by that is he has to have things his way, his toys have to be where he left them and if he gives mummy the red block and daddy the blue block and we change these without him looking he goes mad knows exactly who he gave them to. He loves sharks dinosaurs crocodiles all these type of toys but they are not allowed to get wet, if they get on drop of water on he has a breakdown telling me to help him dry his dinosaur he cant be wet. Another example he does not forget and i mean anything he can remember toys or clothes from when he was a baby, you have to follow through what you say to him because be doesnt like change of routine. One of the biggest things is he is shy and I mean extremly shy even with people he knows. When we first meet up with our friends that day he goes shy but in a different way like he will start hitting his head, flicking his ear or talking about something that happened years ago, its his way of getting through the shyness. I know deep down there is something to all of this but alot of people tell me he will grow out of it its a phrase but Im certain its not. Has anyone elses children been through anything else like this?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi mommy, this is very sad to hear about your son. I definitely believe in mother’s instinct, there’s nobody in this world who knows your son best other than you. If you have that gut feeling then I would have your son checked by the doctors, get second, third even fourth opinions if things still don’t sit right with you. Best to get these things checked before he gets older so he can recieve the support he needs so it doesn’t effect his school performances etc. sending you love.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My son had ADHD and was diagnosed when he was 5 but there was not much they could do as I wasnt happy about giving my children tablets for this so young. They did suggest techniques we could use but this also is difficult with him. We will wait until he is a little older and look at the situation again.

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