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Motherhood is one hell of a roller coaster! Do you mummies agree?

Every SINGLE day is different good days vs the bad days, one minute i feel i have got all my shit together and then the next minute i think what the FUCK is going on with this 3 under 3 business! CHAOS.

Feeling in control one minute and defeated the next. This is motherhood the craziest of crazy there is.

As i am writing this i have a 11 month old asleep in my arms and my toddler asleep hanging off the couch while my 3 year old is just getting over her tantrum ( for not having a purple cup ). While i know all these stages will pass its so good to write it out to talk about exactly how i am feeling , being able to rant is exactly what every mum needs. I know when its 9pm and all kids are in bed i will feel guilty about ranting but thats mums , we get the guilts we get everything and we need to remember this is 100% normal.
The Anxiety
The Chaos,
The Stress
The Tiredness
All of these are completey normal but there is also beauty in motherhood and that is a HUGE thing to never forget.
The Love
The Growing
The Learning
Sometimes we need to just put our phones down, forget the housework and just play with our children, get down on there level. As these days will soon pass.

Motherhood the hardest but yet best job there is.

3 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes motherhood is definitely the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world. i am always trying to be a better mum for my children, i find that i am learning just as much as they are, learning how to discipline my children in a way that nurtures them not “scares” them… learning my own tolerance limits, my patience, my ability to direct emotions into a more positive emotion etc…
    im not a perfect mum and my kids behaviour isn’t either and we do make mistakes but as long as we keep trying i think we are doing a GREAT job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    After a stressful chaotic day this blog is perfect for me to just write out all the crazy emotions running through my head right now. What a day this has been from the second I woke up to my child taking their shitty nappy off and wiping it on the walls to the before bed time tantrums. Today has been FULL of tantrums, fussy eating and refusing naps. As hard as today has been I know this is only a bad day and that tomorrow can be totally different! That is motherhood every day is unknown whether thats a crazy wild day or a carm day along as we know it passes us mothers can get through these days.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have a 4 week old little boy and I am so exhausted, I know having a baby is never easy and all new mums are tired but my little boy never sleeps from the second I brought him home from the hospital he just wont settle unless he is on me. I am finding it really hard to even make myself breakfast or lunch as I put him down for 5 minutes and he is hysterical. Its also not a pain cry it is fussiness starts kicking his legs and punching his arms up in the air but as soon as he is on me hes fine. I have tried swaddling , white noise, dark rooms but nothing seems to be working. Has anyone else had a newborn like this and if some I would be so grateful for any tips or even to know that this will come to and end.

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