Is this what they really want?

Hi all,

As labour  fast approaches my concerns also grow larger. I’m currently 30 weeks and come to terms with the fact that I’m actually having a baby… a baby girl. 
She was unplanned but now she’s in my tummy and I feel those movements daily I couldn’t see my life any different. However I also feel the struggle daily.

Since finding out I was pregnant my partner has not once showed any emotion, not when the test came back positive, not at the first scan, at the gender reveal and feeling her first movements. He’s great at talking a talk, to other people, that’s he’s happy and can’t wait, when alone at home just the two of us he hs no interest, but with children not even being in our five year plan I can’t help but think is this something he really wants. 
Our relationship has hit some major waves since we found out. I have tried to approach the situation and he tells me I’m stupid or that it’s just me overthinking things when all I really want is the truth behind his feelings as it causes me daily upset. 

we talk about the financial struggles that are arising and he dismisses my stress, we will deal with that when it comes to it is his response. Or how he has to change aspects of his life now that we are welcoming our daughter, well I’m still playing football is a statement I regularly get.

All my emotions are bottling up and I feel like soon I may explode, or even worse leave and never come back. 

please if anybody has been in the same situation help me out. 
Isit me or is it him? 

4 thoughts on “Is this what they really want?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations how exciting!!
    I think this is pretty normal, nothing really changes for the man until the baby is born, where as for the woman from the moment you get a positive pregnancy test everything changes!!
    My other half was exactly the same, he didnt really seem extatic about having a baby not like me, and wouldnt really talk about the future. but when she was born was/is the best dad. Im sure that will be the same for you!!
    Can you talk to him about how your feeling?

  2. Anonymous says:

    First of all congratulations not long left until you meet your little bubba! Men can act lots of different ways to pregancies but like the comment says above its totally normal as not much changes for them until the baby is here. A lot of the time for men it doesnt feel real until the baby is here as its hard to imagine because their life is exactly the same (for now). Im sure as soon as he meets his baby for the first time you will see a different side to him and Im sure you will see you had nothing to worry about.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Me and my husband are expecting our third girl in a couple of weeks and he has been like this with each pregnancy. I think for some men it just doesn’t seem real until they actually hold their baby for the first time. He’s a brilliant dad (although definitely feels more comfortable with kids once they get past the newborn breakable stage!). I wouldn’t worry about it I’m sure once your daughter arrives he will step up and you won’t be able to picture your lives not being parents! Xx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations <3 honestly, men will be men. some are really in touch with these kind of things and some just aren't. Just you wait and see when baby girl arrives she will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger!

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