Fourth Miscarriage


Hi Ladies,

Im looking for a bit of hope or advice. Me and my husband got married back in May 2017 and have been trying for a baby since. We got our first postive pregnancy test christmas time 2017. So happy after 7 months to finally get the postive test but a few weeks later I miscarried. We tried again with hope as we knew how common miscarriages are and 3 months later there it was another postive test, but this time it was an ectopic pregnancy and had to be take down for a D&C. Then I was wondering why me why us why cant we just have a healthy pregancy. Now it had been 3 years since we started trying and I have had another two ectopic pregnancies! We are seening a specialist next monday and im scared of the words ” you wont be able to carry children”. My dream has always been to become a mother experience a pregnancy is there still a chance for me ?? Has this happend to anyone else and they ended up having a healthy pregnancy ??

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  1. Anonymous says:

    there is always a chance, this is the first step in your journey now in getting help. it’s amazing what IVF can do these days, science is just incredible. Don’t give up – once you have your baby in your arms it will all be worth it <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi if its any help I had 3 micarriages on the run and 1 of them being at 14weeks pregnant. My doctor said that my body couldnt seem to carry boys and now I have 3 beautiful little girls. There is always hope try and find out the problem first as it may be something easily solved but if not there is always a way and you will end up with a beautiful baby one day I am sure just stay positive.

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